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“The Craft of the Kiln”

Seth Charles is the Wood-Fire Kiln Resident for the Clay Studios of Missoula located in Missoula, Montana. As the wood-fire resident, it is Seth’s job to maintain and fire the wood-fire ceramics kiln located just outside of town.

The kiln is one of the largest kilns in the United States and, because of its size, fires for a length of 7-9 days. A traditional wood-fire kiln only fires for 48-72 hours. Because of the length of the firing, the kiln is only used 2 to 3 times a year. During the 7-9 days the firing takes place, the kiln must be maintained and fueled around the clock by Seth and his volunteers.

“Sedona’s Pussycat Painter”

Cats have always been June Hart’s favorite subject…


Barred by blood from UMontana Journalism on Vimeo.

Eddie and Francis Bauer are associate members on the Fort Peck Tribal Reservation. As associate members the Bauer brothers have few rights. They lacks the right to vote, receive tribal handouts or own tribal land. They have felt the effects of associate membership both legally and culturally on a reservation, they say, treats them like second class citizens.

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Every fourth Saturday of March the Barry-Roubaix takes places in Hastings, Michigan. Billing itself as the largest gravel road race in the world, the race attracts cyclists from across the U.S. who compete for medals, bragging rights and beer.