Time flies.

It’s odd to think just over two months ago I was wrapping up an internship in Kalamazoo, Michigan with the intent of pursuing work in Montana. Yet here I am, sitting on my own bed, an appreciated change from the cot I have spent the past seven months sleeping on, writing about my first month in Sedona, Arizona working for the Red Rock News.

To say this first month has been a blur feels like an understatement. From my first photos taken at the local skatepark on Aug. 3, the day after I arrived, to the Sedona Red Rock High School swim meet photographed yesterday, Aug. 31, this first has come and gone with little room to breath.

Below is a collection of my favorite photos taken between August 3 and August 31. They feature a variety of subjects, moments and scenes. They are a collection of what I have learned, and will continue to learn while I live, work and build a community in this new home. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them.